One Big Switch is a global consumer network with over 800,000+ members around the world, and we’re now launching our second Big Energy Switch in Scotland. 


One Big Switch was created to build real consumer power. We launched in Australia in July 2011, in Ireland in February 2014 and in the UK and USA in 2015, and since then we've run multiple Big Energy Switch campaigns in these countries.

More than 100,000 households have switched their energy provider as a result of our campaigns, saving millions by doing so.

The One Big Switch team was determined to bring a second Big Energy Switch campaign to Scotland because of the continued energy affordability crisis currently experienced by households all over the country.

A national campaign, the Big Energy Switch aims to unlock a group-discounted energy offer as well as help ensure the Scottish consumer voice gets heard.


One Big Switch is now one of the world’s largest consumer organisations, and the fastest growing consumer network in the world.

One Big Switch is a business, which makes us better at what we do: talking to businesses about what they can do for our members.

One Big Switch is free to join, and entirely obligation-free. Only One Big Switch members can choose if any One Big Switch offers are right for them. 

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