Who is One Big Switch ? 

One Big Switch is a consumer network which uses its combined people power to unlock group discounted offers on all sorts of household bills. 

What is the Big Energy Switch?

The Big Energy Switch is a Scottish campaign aiming to negotiate group-discounted electricity and gas offers for consumers using the buying power of tens of thousands of householders. The campaign is powered by One Big Switch, a new Consumer Network in Scotland.

How does it work?

There are three simple steps.

Step 1: You register. Registration is obligation-free and cost-free, and requires only some basic information.

Step 2: One Big Switch uses the bargaining power of a large group of possible switchers to source group-discounted electricity and gas offers.

Step 3: One Big Switch forwards to you any offers we are able to negotiate, and you decide if the offer is right for you, and whether or not you want to switch.

Is it really possible to get group-discounted energy deals?

One Big Switch has already helped tens of thousands of Australian and Irish families to access discounted electricity and gas offers using the power of group switching. 

Do I have to switch to the Big Energy Switch offer if I join?

No. Joining is obligation-free and all special offers are obligation-free; you just decide if the offer is right for you. One Big Switch members are free to use our offers as leverage to shop around, or to see if they can get a better deal from their existing suppliers.

Will One Big Switch swamp me with emails?

Nope. We know our members are busy; we won’t waste your time with daily emails. When we can help you cut the cost of your household bills we will be in touch. When we can’t, we won’t. It’s easy to change your communications settings.

Does it cost anything to take part in One Big Switch Campaigns?

It costs nothing to take part. It is free to join, and free to take part.

So how does One Big Switch pay its bills?

We make money when our members save money. One Big Switch is a social business that earns a fee from the businesses that earn customers through our campaigns. Those commissions help to fund our future campaigns. Providers pay these fees not our members.

How is One Big Switch different from electricity price comparison websites?

One Big Switch specialises in price creation, not price comparison. We use the bargaining power of our members to source discounts on electricity and gas that you cannot get as an individual consumer.

What should I do after joining or switching?

Tell your family and friends about your savvy move. The more the merrier – the more people who join, the bigger the discounts may get.

Am I signing up to receive my electricity and gas from One Big Switch?

No. One Big Switch is a consumer network that sources discounts for its members through campaigns such as the Big Energy Switch. To get the benefits of this special offer, you need to sign up to become a customer of the winning bidder/s in the Big Energy Switch.

Will the Big Energy Switch offer be the cheapest offer around?

Not necessarily. Any Big Switch is a bold experiment to see if we can source offers that you can’t get as an individual. Some customers are on legacy deals and special deals that are not available cost-free to the general public. Other retailers could also be forced to compete with the Big Energy Switch offers by offering more competitive offers, which is great. It means consumers win even more. The Big Energy Switch is about driving competition. 

Will I have to pay break fees or exit fees to leave my current plan?

It all depends which plan you are on. You will have to check your bill or the website of your current retailer to find out.

Can small businesses join?

Yes, the Big Energy Switch is a campaign for residential and small business customers. We first hope to secure a group discounted offer for residential members but will endeavour to secure a small business offer also.

I'm having technical problems with the One Big Switch website. Who can I call?

If you are having technical problems, please contact One Big Switch directly on contact@onebigswitch.com Or you can call One Big Switch at 08450753634

If I join One Big Switch, what am I getting myself into?

Joining is obligation-free and cost-free. You are simply joining a campaign to help unlock discounted energy offers. You will also be notified about other One Big Switch special offers in future. 

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