NewsCome throw your hat in the ring!

Come throw your hat in the ring!



In the opening days we have had over 3000 Scots join the Big Energy Switch Scotland. It's clear that many of you are fed up with the current state of energy market competition.


These numbers are good news, the people power of the campaign is growing each day, but it's not over. We still need your help!


We want to apply more pressure to energy companies in our bid to get exclusive group discounts that you and thousands of other Scots deserve.


Remember, joining this campaign is cost and obligation free. There is no obligation to take up offers we may unlock.


When you join, it simply means you’re throwing your hat in the ring to stand up and take action to fight back against the energy affordability crisis hitting thousands of other Scots.


If you have forgotten how the Big Energy Switch Campaign works see our 3 simple steps below:

  1. You register

    • Online, quick, easy & free.

  2. We negotiate

    • We source discounted energy offers.

  3. Choose offer

    • You choose if the offer is right for you!


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Come throw your hat in the ring!

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Anonymous from EDH commented:

I have registered but No offers to switch energy supplier has come through Thanks 

Anonymous from SLK commented:

I registered for big and have heard nothing 

Anonymous from SLK commented:

I registered for big and have heard nothing 

Anonymous from ELN commented:

is this the best offer, just on price alone, or or does this offer have more benefits overall 

Anonymous from ELN commented:

I'm assuming that because I can only see the information pages that I have missed the cut off date for joining? The site isn't very informative regarding this. 

robertina from SAY commented:

Joined before. Found its and very for. Scottish power. Been mislead. Ruby clyde1959@Gmail. Com 

Anonymous from ABD commented:

Read you website, as I'm interested in joining. First message: Offer is closed Continued reading and was given a unique reference link Tried that and was simply taken back to the website! Today 26/03/2016. Is the offer closed, or not? 

Anonymous from GLG commented:

This is such a good idea. Collectively we could make a big impact to help others in Scotland from going cold. 

Anonymous from AGB commented:

Ok I've joined, I was expecting some energy prices not a political campaign, you never made this clear,???? 

Gordon from ANS commented:

Come on folks, let's try make a difference that puts extra cash in our pockets, sounds good to me, worth a try at least. 

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